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Gm Assistance

Postby Baguettalla » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:36 pm

Just now I was 'served' by Game Master Weeble. I had an issue with buying the t10 dps helm for death knights. The merchant sold me the chest piece without allowing me to refund it, while I already own the t10 upgraded chest piece. I asked for GM assistance and Weeble came to my aid. After saying "I bought the item just fine. Also with a refund timer." He simply closed my ticket without a word. I then messaged him and suggested that it may be an issue with me already owning the chest piece he replied with "I am not sure" and I've yet to receive another message.

I understand that there are some things that a GM won't be able to help me with and I'm okay with that. I also understand that a GM may be assisting many other people at the very same time so things can get clustered.

But next time a "Sorry, there's nothing I can do" or ANY reply at all instead of keeping me here sitting in the dark would be generously welcomed.

PS: I'd be adding the screenshot, but the file is too large. I could email if needed.
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Re: Gm Assistance

Postby Metaxa » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:24 am

Hi Baquette,

I don't know what happened, maybe the GM dc-ed or fell asleep :)
This is not how we handle tickets and I assume it's one time only.

Please remake the ticket and we will look into it.

Enjoy the game,

Gamemaster Metaxa.
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Re: Gm Assistance

Postby alcy » Sat Mar 17, 2018 1:58 am

I'd like to add, based on my own experience - as I had a fair share of pleasant service from mania GMs - that this is indeed not the common practice.
However, I need to give a thumbs up to Baguett's suggestion, that GMs could possibly, sometimes make it clearer when they decide to end a conversation, especially when it remains unresolved.
I must emphasize Saintz is fantastic in this field, as something like a "Have a nice day" as the closing line cannot be misinterpreted.
Other end lines I've seen such as "i'll check" and "we are working on it" didn't quite work that well for me. Perhaps it is my fault to not get the hint that I won't receive more notifications, but I can relate to sitting there for good 5-10minutes waiting for the feedback, just to find out the GM closed the chat long ago.

Nonetheless, I believe the GM service is far better on this server than anywhere else. There is merely room for improvement when it comes to ending conversations.
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Re: Gm Assistance

Postby freddytsjlv » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:24 am

I would like to add, that i have worked as a GM for 3 years on a different 2000k german WOW wotlk server in the past. I know how stressfull it is to solve problems and issues sometimes.

Anyway i would like to say, that i miss the presence of a GM on Elysium sometimes when i read the world chat and read "you are a bitch and stfu" and such. I dont care about insults (this is a game in the end) but sometimes i feel that the new sever itself has been left out.

So therefor i might understand, that there is a lack of GMS on this server in general and that might be the issue of such situations where the GM just rushes. Because in the end - beeing a GM is a free job.

Maybe more GMS (less rights and only for support purpose) are needed here so the overall level of service can be improved.
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