Suggestions to increase PvP

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Suggestions to increase PvP

Postby Bartok » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:40 am

Good day everyone,
I have a few suggestions that I think might help to increase the population when it comes to PvP on Redemption. I've been clearing non stop ICC and RS 25 nm for a while now with my guild, and not really wanting to make an alt yet I have started PvPing to explore new thrills on the server. As a result I have a few suggestions that might help with drawing more players into the PvP environment.

1) Two months ago you guys decided to remove the Frost Emblem tokens from Wintergrasp due to the complaints that people were only joining in the last few minutes and not for the full duration. I think that replacing them with only two maniac points for a win is a little lackluster considering that to buy two frost emblems would cost you ten Maniac points. Since the change the ammount of players that tend to queue up has dropped significantly, and only recently have I seen on average about 15 - 20 players online. Wintergrasp is supposed to be an epic battle with sieges and 40 player teams that rush to objectives to get things done. Not really exciting when one faction is simply trying to defend BT or SR the entire time because there aren't enough players to make use of the entire map. My suggestion is that perhaps the number of maniac points you get could depend on the rank that you achieve in wintergrasp. For instance as a recruit you could give out 1 point, but as you rank up maybe you could give more so rank 2 would be 5 and max rank would be 10. And then for wining you get the extra 2 and losing you get only 1. This would help attract players who pvp and pve to come more often and go for the full length of the battle as there is more incentive to rank up. On top of this you have alot of PvE and PvP players who want all those sexy transmog items and Legion mounts that you guys worked hard to bring to our server so it's another incentive for them to PvP XD.

2)Trading in Emblems of Frost for Honour is a suggestion I have as it would allow players who are thinking about getting into pvp to get the starting gear they would need for battlegrounds and arenas a little easier. I don't see much of a downside to this as the PvP gear that you can purchase with honour isn't the best gear in the game except for trinket really. Offering 1000-2000 honour for a frost emblem would give players an incentive to start pvping that spend most of their time PvEing all week long as once you get all the frost emblem gear that you need, everyone just starts spending their frost emblems on Primordial Saronites to sell anyways.

These are my two suggestions for how to get players more into wintergrasp and arenas. I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on how to increase the player population for random battlegrounds. Perhaps something similar to my first suggestion where maniac points could be offered as a reward. If anyone else has any suggestions or thoughts on what I wrote, maybe pointing out any downsides to what I suggested so that we could work out a solution I'd appreciate it.

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Re: Suggestions to increase PvP

Postby Faerthorn » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:14 pm

I think you've got some neat suggestions here. Hopefully this will get more views int he future. I play a lot of Wintergrasp, but I don't normally do RBG because it offers no mania points. If they were included instead of or in addition to the pvp tokens, I think a lot of other players would join for rbg. The pvp token rewards are neat but they're mostly vanity pets and that sort of thing. I can use mp to buy gear with, which is a much more attractive incentive to do pvp.
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Re: Suggestions to increase PvP

Postby Janitor » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:18 am

EoF is a PvE reward so it should not be mixed with PvE activities.
We have gone above and beyond to try to incentive PvP already.

    We have exclusive rewards (PvP tokens) and mounts for those that PvP.
    We have rewards for each arena season
    We have exclusive titles for PvP kills
    We increased rewards for BGs

I think there is only so much we can do. You cannot keep expecting more and more.
In the end, people will do what they enjoy even if there are no "additional" rewards.

As far as I can see there is no point in trying to add more.
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Re: Suggestions to increase PvP

Postby Bartok » Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:51 pm

Alright so I understand your point of view that you already have incentivised PvP by offering rewards. To this I would say yes okay, but have you incetivized it more than people just doing PvE? To that I would say no.

As for your first point that EoF is a PvE item and that it shouldn't be mixed with PvP, well there are already the Relentless Sets available from the EoF vendor, and the EoT vendor and so forth. I am not talking about making all the PvP gear available, just the gear that comes from the honour vendor in Orgrimar and Stormwind. The reason would be that these armour pieces and jewellery are the starting gear that you need in order to be able to get into arena's and battlegrounds otherwise you just die too quickly. Making these starter items easier to get would help those that are thinking about getting into PvP but are hesitant because of the time it takes to save up for the starting gear, well lets just say it might persuade them.

Secondly I am not saying to have these items directly purchased with EoF just allow us to buy the honour emblems that are sold in Wintergrasp with the EoF maybe like 1 or 2 EoF per 2 k honour. It wouldn't be alot of work on the programmers part, but that way anyone that has a regular raiding schedule would consider getting PvP gear with their Emblems of Frost after they have gotten their PvE gear.

As for the Maniac Points that are awarded for Wintergrasp, and the PvP emblems for random battlegrounds. You have to consider this, yes there are mounts that are purchasable with PvP emblems and this does try to get people to do random battlegrounds, but consider that currently it takes sometimes over an hour to get a random battleground going. Also anyone who is already PvPing is going to be attending Wintergrasp every 1.5 hours. So sometimes you have to leave the queue in order to do Wintergrasp. The second point that I will make is that Wintergrasp only offers 2 maniac points when it usually takes about 20-25 minutes of everyone's time that attends. Whereas you can do 2 quick runs of RHC in that time and end up with sometimes more maniac points then you would get at Wintergrasp. So from a PvE players perspective it isn't really worth it to go to wintergrasp when you can go to an RHC instead. If however you made Wintergrasp Maniac rewards dependant on the rank you achieve, I am sure that more people would attend. If you made it so that there was a Maniac point reward for Random battlegrounds ontop of the PvP token I'm sure alot more people would queue up making them more frequent.

My thinking is really that you need to try and incentivize PvP to a point where it is only slightly more lucrative to do than PvE random heroic's but not so much that people stop doing Heroic's altogether.

Again interested in hearing anyone else's thoughts, lets keep the discussion going.
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