Triple spec

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Triple spec

Postby Ingvar » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:13 am


Here's my first post. I tried to make sure it isn't a duplicate. Google didn't reveal any previous like this to me. Please point in the direction if I am wrong. Thanks.

I'm suggesting to add more talent specs, so that a player instead of switching between two specs, could switch between 3, 4 or more specs. If you agree, please help support this idea. If you don't please read the entire post before you reply, and also consider that others may benefit from it, although you may not be interested. It won't hurt anyone who sticks to 1 spec if anyone else have the option to switch between multiple. It will only help them, actually (see below).

Could wow-mania please implement triple or quadruple talent specs?

I have always wished for triple spec (or even quadruple spec (or even more...)).
One may say that respec-ing is easy, but if one plays PvE, PvP and perhaps Druid or Paladin, this get's really frustrating after a while. And costly!

Oh no! The tank went offline...

I can switch to tank if someone else can heal

Sure, I'll switch to healing!

Druid is my favorite class, and I like playing the following ways:

- PvP as cat
- PvP as healer

- PvE as tank (bear)
- PvE as healer (tree)
- PvE as DPS, Cat

And I don't mind playing these:
- PvE as DPS, Boomkin
- PvP as boomkin

Paladin could run as PvP damage or healer and PvE damage, healer or DPS. Many other classes also could use at least 4 specs.

Also, remember 2v2 arena healing is different from group healing in battlegrounds. If I could, I would even switch specs in that situation, with the same role. I could use more than 7 specs.

I'd be very happy with 4, and would live with 3. 2 is a real pain.

I also don't more talent specs this would be too un-blizzlike, as it doesn't alter any battle mechanics of the game. It just makes it easier and more fun for the players, and allows people to be more flexible and adaptive, and thus giving everyone a better playing experience.

And, hey! Think of it: I know this has been requested on blizz servers. We could draw players from other private servers, or even blizz servers with our new tweak.

What about septo-spec? (That's7) Maybe that's too much, but at least more than dual spec would be über-super-duper.
I know it's probably less than easy to implement, but if you guys can create new worlds and custom teleporting objects, then why would it be impossible?

I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this would be a great thing to add, or?

More specs would allow people like me to fill in spots in raids and dungeons easier, being more flexible. If a person leaves, one could easy take on other roles. If one is using one spec for PvP and one for PvE, then one is almost stuck with one role for PvE.
On the contrary, I love carrying a load of equipment for my druid and switching when necessary. So when the tank goes offline, the shadow priest switches to healing and the healer goes bear, etc.

This isn't a big deal for casual, easy dungeons, but for serious raiding or PvP arena, one wants to perform as good as possible.

That's my long brainstorming. But I really wish the wow-mania brains would take a look and see if it would be possible to allow for it.

10g for dual spec at lvl 40
100g for triple at lvl 50
1000g for the 4th set at lvl 60
10,000 for the 5th...

There would be a lot of ways to implement this.

- The "change spec" button could loop through the sets.
- Another item in inventory could swap the alternative spec for a third spec (fourth with a different item, etc)

Alternatively, if the above is impossible, an item could be purchased for 100-1000g which with unlimited use could unlearn talents. This would still require setting it up again instead of swapping, but might be a very simple approach.
It would simply perform the same effect that the trainers do when choosing that option.

Another alternative would be to have a "class trainer summoning stone", which summons a class trainer on the spot. (sort of like Jeeves). This "stone" shouldn't be too expensive, since then the unlearning would still cost (I think) too much.

If anyone reads this and thinks "this guy is crazy", please consider that this wouldn't be compulsory. You can even stick to 1 spec if you wish. If people like me have 9 specs, and think that's lots of fun, then anyone who doesn't want to should be very happy for the ones who wishes for it.
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby fjaps » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:51 pm

Pretty sure that Janitor will say no to that, since that would be far from being "Blizz like"..

it all comes down to the choices you make.
Wanna focus on pvp? sure, get a pvp spec or two.
want a pve and a pvp spec, but then you have to choose what sort of spec you want.
respeccing for pve/pvp, it's all a choice you make as a player.

so i for one would like us to keep our 2 specs, and just respec if i want to do something else.
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby Ingvar » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:15 pm

I forgot about glyphs. That makes re-spec-ing even even worse.

Of course, if you only have 2 talent trees to choose from, you have to choose two specs to focus on, and if you aren't happy with that, you have to re-spec.

But why have this limit?

that would be far from being "Blizz like"..

I absolutely disagree. If anything is "not blizz like", it is some other changes this server has, such as level 10 mount, starting with 4 10 slot bags and 1g, 2x XP rates, double XP weekends. These are all changes which alter game-play. Having more than 2 talent trees available would virtually not alter gameplay at all. One would not gain XP faster or progress faster or be better in any certain spec. It would just allow one to change.

i for one would like us to keep our 2 specs

I don't mean to rip back at you. I'm totally fine with anyone who wants to keep 2 specs, or even just 1. Anyone who wants to focus on that, that's great. But can you not understand why it would be great for some to have more than 2? Why limit the choices to 2 specs when it would help everyone, and the server, to have more than 2 specs.

If anyone has a good reason why there should be only 2 specs, I'm definitely open to it. But please come up with a good reason, though, not just your un-backed opinion. I have given lots of reasons for tripple spec, or more. What are your reasons for only dual?

I'm going to help by bringing up one:
Let's say I have four specs for my druid, and am in a raiding group. We just finish downing the boss, and I want all the leather loot, because I need some for my boomkin, some for my tree, some for my cat and some for my bear...
But in my opinion, the general rules take care of this very well. You only get loot priority for your chosen spec. Blizzard has already figured that out. Then, if nobody needs a certain thing for their main spec, others can "need-roll" for their off-spec.

Would you not appreciate it if you were in an instance and the tank or healer quit and someone else could take over that role?
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby Ingvar » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:21 pm

It is also NOT blizzlike that dual talent spec costs 500g. I do not like that idea. I just reached 40 with my main (new here), and I won't have 500 in a long time.
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby Bartok » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:44 pm

I support this idea, especially since i was considering making another paladin so that I could pvp and pve without having to respec all the time, this would make it very useful for me
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby Metaxa » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:22 am


Correct me if I'm wrong, but on retail WOTLK 3.3.5a it was 1000 gold. Back to the topic; we will not add tripple, quadro or octo spec in the near future. This has two main reasons:

1. Not every player should benefit
2. It would be a lot of work to maintain and a potential source for issues and side effects.

The suggestion is great, detailed with good arguments. The answer is maybe somehow a little disappointing, but it's how it is.

Enjoy the game,

Gamemaster Metaxa.
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby stefannel » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:52 am

Ingvar wrote:It is also NOT blizzlike that dual talent spec costs 500g. I do not like that idea. I just reached 40 with my main (new here), and I won't have 500 in a long time.

There is no rule saying you must have 500 gold at lvl 40. I bought dual talent spec barely at lvl 80 when I went for a 2nd spec to get RHC faster. At level 40 I was barely having like 60 gold in total, just enough to learn the next level of riding.
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby Ingvar » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:07 pm

Regarding the 500g for dual spec, I think blizz is more like 10g.
But considering what 5 pounds will give you for gold, 500g is not bad.

It is true that one does not have to have it at level 40. However, it would be very nice to have, and it is going to be out of reach for a while. The fact that someone else gets it at level 80 doesn't mean everyone would like to wait that long.

I appreciate the official feedback from Metaxa, and hope you will reconsider implementing this.
Bear in mind that Blizz now has tripple and quadruple spec on newer WoW versions. They must have finally have come to sense.
Perhaps a community vote or poll would be good.

Yet, I do not understand why this would be a reason to not implement it: "1. Not every player should benefit". Why would it be a problem for those who benefit that some players either don't benefit or choose not to take advantage of it? It does not give anyone a PvE or PvP advantage. It does not un-balance anything. It does not make game-play unfair.

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Re: Tripple spec

Postby Ralvas » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:19 pm

I can understand that this is quite comfortable for some people but I don't like the idea to make almost everything on this server easier. People scream for level boosts and items in the world chat, they want extra rep days and now additional specc slots. I chose this server because it is one of the very few stable servers which offer "blizzlike" wotlk (more or less) and have a bigger population. And I think there are more people like me on this server who think the same.

(I know, this server is in many terms NOT blizzlike but at least some of the extended content is just accessible by donating or it can be switched off)
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Re: Tripple spec

Postby fjaps » Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:08 pm

yeah, dual spec in wotlk actually was 1000g, and not the 500g we pay here.

and a reason (besides owner and gm's saying no aswell) for not having more then 2 specs.

Well, lets take a quick look at the history of some of WoW then.
Vanilla & tbc, 1 spec, that's it, people managed with that, and did their respeccing.
wotlk, we get 2 specs now.
cata, again 2 specs.
etc etc

and then later on (cant remember when) people started asking for more, and Blizz caved and gave people more.
so here's my reason for not think we should have more.
if people were to get more, then suddenly people want 4 specs for pve, and then 4 for pvp etc etc..
and that's the problem as i see it here, people want more and more and more, instead of looking at what they have, and just appreciate it.
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