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PVP flag issue

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Re: PVP flag issue

Postby Lightmare » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:46 pm

Had a similar issue yesterday doing the Defias Traitor escort quest. I healed him and it flagged me as pvp. The odd part of it was that any sort of character "state" change would reset the timer. Shapeshifting, mount/dismount, flights, etc. If I just stood there the timer went down. (Un)fortunately someone killed me in Lakeshire while I was letting it sit while AFK so I don't know if it would have completely cleared at the end of doing nothing for 5 minutes or being killed cleared it.
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Re: PVP flag issue

Postby SiGeBa » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:40 am

For the last 3 days anytime my NE shadow priest casts any spells in Sholozar Basin the flag appears, if I let the timer run out and cast another spell it appears again. I've tried different spells and actions but it's not limited to any group, even summoning my mount flags me.
If I leave the zone with my hearthstone the flag is immediately cancelled.

EDIT: I took HappyFeet3's advice and got myself killed, it fixed it for me and hasn't returned.

EDIT2: Returned to Sholozar yesterday and the bug returned.
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