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Re: Triple spec

Postby Ingvar » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:55 am


I don't think you're arguments have very much to them.

As for history of WoW, it clearly shows that Blizzard over the time saw the need for dual and then tripple spec, with quadruple for druids.
Then you are saying that if people get more they will want more. I guess you are thinking the line has to be drawn somewhere. But please rather explain why it should be drawn at dual specs. Having more specs does not give anyone a game-play advantage over anyone else. Nobody needs to use it if they want to, and the ones who take advantage of it are not going to be better players than those who don't. There is not PvE or PvP combat advantage to it. The only advantage is that players are given the option of better flexibility, which will in turn help the server.

If you think that we shouldn't get tripple spec because we are asking for it, then rather give a good reason for it. Saying that we shouldn't have it because we want it, and that we would want more if we got it has no hold to it. Why should we not have it if it makes the game a lot better? Are we trying to keep the game poor and unattractive and frustrating to play just so that we don't get spoiled?


I think the GMs answer was very good, and I hope they will reconsider adding triple or more specs soon.
Quoting GM:

The suggestion is great, detailed with good arguments. The answer is maybe somehow a little disappointing, but it's how it is.

The answer is disappointing, yes. But there seem to still be hope that one day, perhaps...
I sure hope. Am I alone? Could we do a poll?

To the GMs and developers:
Thank you for considering this!
As a developer I know it would take an effort to implement this. BUT I do not agree that it would take more maintenance. (quoting GM: It would be a lot of work to maintain and a potential source for issues and side effects.) That's what computers are best at; doing exactly something like that automatically, once the code has been changed. There should be zero maintenance if this is implemented correctly. You may need about 1 kb more database space per player. With a 1000 players you may use 1 MB more hard drive space. SQL queries on talents may run 0.0000021 seconds slower, which would affect server performance. But that should be about it. There may be some issues and side effects initially, but I'm sure that if the team managed to iron out issues and side effects with the existing custom content, that this would be a breeze.

Searching a little bit on the internet reveals that very many WoW players are liking this idea. As someone said when Blizzard added triple sped:
Hmm ... there goes my motivation to level 36 alts.
/waves farewell to the idea
/sigh of relief

I seriously thought of this too, but as equipment is soulbound and not account-bound, this would be just as great a pain.

I and many others are suffering from lack of talent tree slots. Many don't care, but this would be great for us who would like it, without un-balancing the game in any way! As far as I can see, all my arguments supporting this still stand. The GM acknowledges their weight, and reasons against them from a server implementation and maintenance standpoint. I hope this can be discussed properly between developers and considered carefully. Perhaps I could put my shoulder to the wheel in development or coding. I have set up my own private WoW server once in my lifetime (Trinity). I do lots of database development with and towards MySQL databases. It is not hard when you know what you are doing. And once it has been set up properly there is no maintenance, other than the regular server backups which run anyway.

I could be wrong on the price of dual-spec. I googled it, and found 10g somewhere, and that seemed to match my memory. I never frowned at the price when Blizz came out with it. But I also had played a long time then and had many characters and much gold. Again, 500g is not bad considering the gold-donation ratio. I would gladly pay 5.000g for triple spec. I would likely donate the 5 pounds for it. Perhaps it could even be a donation-only item, as it does NOT un-balance the game.

I also seriously think that having 3-4-5 tech trees would be a great selling feature of this server, potentially drawing people!

My main reason for preferring this over WoW is that you can come back after weeks or months and find that your gear isn't out-dated because Blizz added some better gear. But having more spec trees than Blizz would indeed be another great reason. And then if you compare private servers to each other, this server with more specs would have a great advantage over others.

Also, "triple" is not spelled with double-t. My bad. Triple, triple, triple....

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Re: Triple spec

Postby Bartok » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:49 am

I think this suggestion holds alot of merit. The reason being is that the PvP population on this server is quite low, this is considering wintergrasp and arena's and random battlegrounds. A third spec would allow others to try out PvP as they wouldn't have to respec and redo all their skill bars everytime they aren't raiding and might get more people to try out pvp. That's just my two cents.
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Re: Triple spec

Postby Saintz » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:03 pm

Hello Maniacs!

I've noticed some of you think that the cost of duel-spec is 10g in retail. This was not the price during the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion 3.3.5a. Duel-Spec cost 1,000g to obtain as it was still fairly new to the game. Considering we are a "Blizz-Like" server, we should be lucky the price is 500g here.

That being said, you guys must remember that we are a "Blizz-Like" realm as far as the games core content goes. WOTLK 3.3.5 only had the one extra spec for players to switch to. Changing it, would only take away from that experience.

Many of you have good reasons, and this is not a bad suggestion. However it doesn't seem to fit in with the current expansion we are on, or the goal of making the games core content as "Blizz-Like" as possible.

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