Issues with Addons

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Issues with Addons

Postby Headliner » Thu May 30, 2019 10:47 am

Hey there Folks,
first at all: sorry for my bad english (not my native language)

A friend of mine got some Issues with Addons...
No matter what she/I am doing, no way to get the Addons work. In charakter screen the Addons are all shown up and looks like they will work correctly. If she starts the game, none of the Addons are loading <.<

I tried:
1.) clear Cache
2.) remove Interface
3.) remove WTF
4.) try to log in with a single active Addon (others have been removed in folder, tried different addons)

nothing worked. She told me the game is totally lagging with Addons activated, but none of them are loading.

Anyone had this issue before?
Would be grateful for your help <.<
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